Why did we design the

Bam Balli Balance board with Natural Bamboo?

Sturdy Bamboo is  at the heart of the Bam Balli Balance Board. Bamboo made into plywood has grown in popularity. It allows fast growing Bamboo to become a highly usable and strong building material. We use a high quality Bamboo which is all recyclable normally. Yes, it is harder to make each piece individually, but they end up with more character. No two of the Bam Balli Balance boards are the same but all are beautiful natural bamboo pieces made in the USA.

We designed two weight versions to better suit you as consumers. The Light version is just 1/2″ thick deck and is heavy enough to support up to 200 pounds but weighs in below 4 1/2 pounds. The Heavy version was designed for heavier users with a deck thickness of 3/4″ and it can support much more than the Light version with a carrying weight a bit over 5 pounds. As far as thickness, since the Heavy version is 30 percent thicker it should support at least 30 percent more.

We use clear water-based liquid sealer to retain the natural grain and keep the warm feel. We believe you will enjoy your new Bam Balli Balance board and we hope it improves your overall health and core development.

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Light version balance board or Heavy version balance board

We developed the Bam Balli balance board to solve an issue I witnessed first hand in two different large companies where I was an employee. The companies used standing desks heavily in the production and final assembly areas and had tall comfy chairs at each one. I witnessed employees arriving early to work to make sure they still had their favorite comfy chair. Some of them would plop down in the chair and not leave except for lunch and breaks not using the benefit of a standing desk. I could see it was not helping with their weight control and it appeared they were having trouble staying awake. At one of the companies my solution was to go for a short jog around the block instead of a long lunch.

The Bam Balli Balance Board may solve this problem if used at the standing desks for even 2 hours a day. By keeping the core in motion just enough to be effective but not too much as to disrupt concentration, the body benefits in many ways. The employers would also benefit with more active Workforce and better more effective workers. I believe people who stay active in the workplace instead of just sitting at the desk all day long would have a better disposition. Why don’t we all use standing desks and keep active with the Bam Balli Bambo Balance Board?

The Light version of Bam Balli Balance Boards with sustainable Bamboo construction and beautiful warm grain feel

Light version
approx: 24″ X 12″
Deck thickness: 1/2″
Overall height: 2″
Weight: 4 1/2 Lbs.

Beautiful warn sturdy Bamboo 3/4 inches thick for heavier Bam Balli users

Heavy version
approx: 24″ X 12″
Deck thickness: 3/4″
Overall height: 2″
Weight: 5 1/2 Lbs.

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Bam Balli Light version Bamboo Wobble or Balance board
Bam Balli Heavy version Wobble or Balance Board

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